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The ‘health-centred’ anti-drug education approach, advocated by United Nations, suggests such education should start during childhood and take care of the physical and mental growth needs of children. In the aspect of knowledge, children should correctly understand the scourges of drug abuse and taking narcotics. Regarding skills and attitudes, they should be able to build up personal images with self- confidence and self-acceptance. Moreover, they should have the ability to handle interpersonal relationship in an appropriate way and with mutual respect. They also should understand the influences of peer groups, media and internet, as well as to seek help from trustworthy people when in need. In this way, they can overcome the challenges and stress in study, social life, family and during the development stage. The risks of drug taking and drug trafficking can also be minimised. We also believe that family is the cornerstone of children’s healthy development, while good parent-child relationship is a strong safety net to keep children away from drugs. Therefore, CDAC is committed to provide diversified health education programmes for primary school students and their parents.

Key Elements

Cultivation of Positive Values

Growth Needs

Life Skills Based

Co-learning Approach

Interactive Teaching Strategies

Existing Projects

「解毒至叻星」 (Delivered in Cantonese only)

P3 to P6 students in Kowloon West District and New Territories West District

The project aims to provide students with correct knowledge about drugs and skills to avoid them through a series of life skills-based health education activities. It helps them developing positive values and enhances the protective factors against drugs. The activities consist of interactive games and open-end choices which guide students to learn from real environments and equip them with the ability to make sensible and responsible choices when they face such situations in real life.

Free of Charge (Covered by Narcotics Division, Security Bureau)

Hotline: 2521 2880


Health Education Programme (For Primary School Students and Their Parents)

Junior primary school students (P1 to P2)
Senior primary school students (P3 to P6)
*Only for students study in Hong Kong Island, Outlying Islands,
New Territories East District and Kowloon East District. Students in other districts please refer to the 「解毒至叻星」
Their parents

CDAC launches 25 well-designed health education programmes, in the form of talk, workshop and small group. They help students and their parents acquire knowledge about healthy lifestyle and drugs, aware their own feelings, handle their stresses positively and keep positive relationships with others. Out of them, the seven parents and parent-child relationship programmes provide parents with models and techniques to nurture their children. The parents can also understand how to accompany their children to overcome the challenges during the development stage through games.

Free of Charge (Covered by The Community Chest of Hong Kong )

Hotline: 2521 2880