Social Resources

Social Resources
“Safe use of medication” worksheet for P.4 to P.6 students
Safe use of medication is important for everyone of us. This worksheet aims to facilitate P.4 to P.6 students to understand how to use drug safely and identify pharmacies. Download here: Health Education Worksheet – Safe Use of Medication
Health and Drug Education Booklet for Parents
In order to meet the health and anti-drug needs of different ethnic groups, funded by the Beat Drugs Fund, CDAC published the “Health and Drug Education Booklet for Parents” this year. We hope through the promotion of the booket, we will be able to promote a healthier lifestyle to the ethnically diverse community, spread the […]
Treatment and Rehabilitation in Hong Kong
Hong Kong has long-adopted a multi-modality approach to drug treatment and rehabilitation to cater for the divergent needs of drug dependent persons from varying backgrounds. The main types of our drug treatment and rehabilitation programmes include – compulsory placement scheme operated by the Correctional Services Department; voluntary out-patient methadone treatment programme provided by the Department of Health; […]