Anti-Drug Education Display Boards

CDAC has produced a series of anti-drug education display boards for schools to borrow in order to help promote drug awareness and education. The material covered includes: reasons why youths abuse drugs, drug information, the current laws in Hong Kong, and "How to say 'No'!".

Please click here to download and view a PDF version of all the boards:

DB 1 - "Why do youths start abusing drugs?"
DB 2 - "MDMA - Methylenedioxymethamphetamine"
DB 3 - "Ketamine"
DB 4 - "Cocaine"
DB 5 - "Cannabis"
DB 6 - "The Law"
DB 7 - "How to say 'NO'!"
(All DB1-7 are easy roller standing display boards)

To borrow the boards please return the Display Boards Application Form or telephone us (2521 2880) for enquiries.
*Schools should individually arrange for collection and return of the boards as CDAC will not provide this service.

- posted 11/02/2011

- posted 28/04/10

Display Board Answers

Click on the links below to read the answers!

MDMA - Methalinedioxymethamphetamine
Is MDMA the "safest" illegal drug you can take?

Drug misusers claim that ketamine is a "soft" drug and therefore safer to use. Are there such things as "soft" and "hard" drugs?

"Cocaine is God's way of saying you're making too much money."
- Robin Williams US actor & comedian (1951 - )
What do you think he meant by this?

As cannabis is legal in certain countries, such as the Netherlands, is it still a dangerous drug and can someone get addicted to it?

How much harm a drug can cause is not dependent on its legality. A classic example would be to look at evidence gathered from tobacco and alcohol use. Research has indicated that although both substances are legal in most countries, they can still be harmful to a user (e.g. inhaling carcinogens in tobacco smoke; liver damage from alcohol consumption). In comparison, cannabis is also legal in a few countries; however, like tobacco and alcohol there are serious dangers associated with its use. For example, evidence has found cannabis smoke to also contain carcinogens, and a user may experience reduced concentration, impaired memory and judgment and even confusion and anxiety.

Additionally, all drugs can cause physical and psychological dependence (see Glossary for more details), which can lead to addiction. Hence, cannabis can be addictive!

Remember: just because it's legal does not mean it's safe!